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JUNTO provides an end-to-end product design solution for the development of consumer products. We offer experience and insight through every step of the process, turning your vision into reality. We help evaluate intellecutal property, perform market analysis, develop the concept, and introduce your idea to the world. It is a big step, take it with confidence and be excited about what lies ahead.

The name is inspired by Benjamin Franklin’s discussion club, the Junto – it collaboratively developed many early American designs that are still wildly popular today.

The JUNTO Process

1. Feasibility & Market Analysis

Evaluate the uniqueness of your idea, research the product space, & analyze the market potential of your product to see if it can be a success.

2. Concept Development

Evolve a concept, through iterations of sketching, 3D modeling, design, & development, resulting in a product that reflects your initial idea.

3. Prototyping & Testing

Produce accurate prototypes in a variety of materials (via 3D printing, hand-modeling, plasma cutting, casting, etc.), & thoroughly test your product to ensure it works great.

4. Manufacturing & Marketing

Source a reliable manufacturer that meets your production needs, & produce professional marketing materials that will help launch your brand.

Our Services

Where inspiration meets innovation.

We can help throughout the development process. If you already have an idea designed and are looking to have a professional model/sample made, have a totally new idea in mind, or anything in beween, let us know. We love product design.

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The IDBOK™ Guide Project

JUNTO cares deeply about quality product design, and was a key contributor to the development of written standards & best practices,  A Guide to the Industrial Design Body of Knowledge. Read your complimentary copy.

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